2021, 17:34 min

Directed by Sao Tanaka  Story by Wanxin Wu

This short film is based on a conversation between Sao Tanaka and Wanxin Wu to digest and analysis one of Sao's intimate person experiences. Sao wrote each scene's details, and Wanxin composed and edited those narratives as one sequence story. It represents the border of reality, and the surreal around us became vague through others' information and memories. 

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Duration : 1:37. Directed by Wanxin

This short film is based on the Art Workshop ''さわるセカイ・みるセカイ[ Let's Draw Your Sense of Touch]'' which was organised by Wanxin at Otani Memorial Art Museum as a part of Bologna Children Book Fair Exhibition. The workshop was cancelled due to the COVID-19 disease in Japan. This film is created for sharing a little fun with workshop applicants and everyone who is under stay home situation. 

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 Agar to Cup

Duration 0:30 Directed by Wanxin Co-directed by Yumi Horikoshi

Lexus Design Competition 2019 Short Listed Work

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